The Masters of Evil DLC Characters, Walkthrough, and Gameplay in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers


LEGO Marvel's Avengers The Masters of Evil DLC

The Masters of Evil DLC for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers came out on March 29, 2016. The included characters in this DLC are:

Baron Zemo
Black Knight (Dane Whitman)
Black Knight (Nathan Garrett)
Iron Man (Classic)
Radioactive Man
Thor (Classic)

Also, the following flying vehicles are included: Valinor and Baron Zemo Helicraft

Here’s a video showing all the characters and vehicles included in the DLC:

The DLC also includes the level The Masters of Evil. Here’s a walkthrough of it in story mode:

The DLC retails for $2.99 and is included in the season pass for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers which retails for $9.99. The DLC adds 5 achievements or trophies to the game. Here’s two extra videos showing how to get two of them:

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