I’ve been working on a few things and hopefully will start to get stuff going on here again. I intend for this site to be used for any articles / longer form thoughts to go along with the video content that I’ve been putting out for the past year. It will still take a little bit of time to get this all put together.

Some people may remember this site as existing back in the early days of the web providing game information / message boards. All static old site content still exists and is accessible through Google but is very outdated. There are many better sources out there for game information than the 15+ year old information that has been here but it remains up as an archive. The message boards were taken offline many years ago and no archive exists of them. I really have no plans to bring back the message boards because it seems all but the biggest message boards are dying off. I’m not totally opposed to starting a new community here at some point though.

I’ll be working some more on this site soon as well as trying to get all accounts linked up together.

There needed to be a first post so this is it.

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