Gameplay from the Boss Fights of The Menagerie Wing of the One Night in Karazhan Hearthstone Expansion

The third wing of the Hearthstone One Night in Karazhan Expansion has released. As with the other wings, I played through all the boss fights and challenges and uploaded videos of them. Here’s the fights:

The Curator

The Curator has a hero taunt ability. You can only attack him or other minions with taunt with your minions or weapons. You can still use your hero power or spells to kill off his minions in this fight. Beating The Curator unlocks the Zoobot and Menagerie Warden cards.


Nightbane is a really fun fight. You start with 10 mana so you can load up your deck with high cost minions and spells. Beating Nightbane unlocks the Nightbane Templar and Runic Egg cards.

Terestian Illhoof

To beat Terestian Illhoof, you need to kill the imps he summons throughout the fight. Killing an Imp does 2 damage to Illhoof and resummons the Imp. Illhoof is immune to any other damage than the imps. Loading your deck up with cards that can do 1 damage to the board is a good strategy for this fight. Also, using cards that benefit from many minions on the opponent’s side of the board (like Cyclopian Horror) is a good idea. Beating Illhoof unlocks the Purify and Avian Watcher cards and completing the wing unlocks the Menagerie Magician and The Curator cards.

Hunter Class Challenge

You fight against The Curator in the Karazhan Hunter Class Challenge. You are given a Hunter decks with lots of secrets and cards that benefit from secrets in this challenge. Completing the challenge unlocks the Cat Trick Hunter card.

Mage Class Challenge

For the Mage Class Challenge, you fight against Nightbane and are given a deck with a lot of high cost cards to take advantage of starting with 10 mana crystals. This is a fun challenge and likely the first time you’ll be able to play with the Medivh card. Completing the challenge unlocks the Babbling Book Mage card.

Warrior Class Challenge

The Warrior Class Challenge has you fighting against Terestian Illhoof. You are given a deck that has a lot of AoE effects and cards to deal with the 1 health imps as well as cards that work well when the opponent has a full board of minions. Completing the challenge unlocks the Fool’s Bane Warrior card.

That’s it for The Menagerie. See you next week for the next wing! If you want to catch up on previous boss fights in the Karazhan expansion, here’s the playlist link with gameplay from all the fights and class challenges:

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