January 2016 VGS Youtube Channel Stats

So this is the first in what probably will be a monthly feature showing the number of views, minutes watched, and subscribers from the VGS Youtube channel. I started the channel as a hobby in the Summer of 2014 and have recently begun to spend more time on making videos and working on growing the channel. The type of videos I produce on the channel have generally been guides for a wide variety of games. Thus, the channel has always had a large number of views from people coming in from Google searches but a low number of subscribers compared to other channels. I have been attempting to diversify a bit and work on growing subscribers and producing different forms of content.

Here’s the Video Game Source Youtube Channel stats from January 2016:

January Video Views: 73,165 (up 3.5% from previous month)
January Minutes Watched: 163,171 [equal to 113.31 days of watch time] (up 0.5% from previous month)
January New Subscribers: 54 (up 22.7% from previous month)

January is generally a slow month coming down from December on Youtube so I’m very happy to see growth. This is especially true for gaming channels because there are very few new games that release in January. At the end of January, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers released which I made a TON of videos on. This was the first game I could really make a lot of videos on for the month and was planning to do this since the LEGO games have historically done well for my channel (and I find them fun to play). My main concern was that I was making too many videos and flooding current subscriber’s feeds with new videos. Unfortunately, this is kinda something you just have to do as a smaller channel. Larger channels can use their built in subscriber base to feed views to their new videos but smaller channels need to continually produce content to bring in viewers from Google and Youtube search. I just try to make all my videos high quality and contain content that can help viewers but the large number of videos is something I need to do to continue to grow my channel. I realize I create content on the VGS channel for a very wide variety of games that won’t appeal to everyone so I always appreciate anyone who does subscribe to my channel.

February also is a fairly slow month for games but I will be continuing to produce content for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers as well as some of the bigger releases that come out. I’m actually planning to make my release calendar public with a list of games I am planning to cover as well as content I’ve produced for each game. That should be going up in a few days and will be something I update throughout the year as new games are announced and I make new videos.

I always appreciate anyone that follows my channel or reads what I have to say here. This is the first of the monthly updates and I hope to do this again in a month!

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