How to unlock Morgl the Oracle Shaman Hero in Hearthstone


A new Shaman Hero skin, Morgl the Oracle, was added to Hearthstone in the July 12, 2016 Hearthstone patch. To unlock Morgl, you need to recruit a friend with your recruitment link and that friend needs to play enough to have a combined level of 20 across all of their heroes on their account. Here’s how to quickly unlock Morgl the murloc Shaman Hero:

If you have friends who are interested in playing Hearthstone, recruiting them under your recruitment link will require little effort on your part. However, not everyone has friends who are interested in playing the game. You can instead create a secondary account and use your recruitment link to recruit yourself. Here’s the steps:

  • Create a secondary account.
  • Follow your recruitment link from your main account and link your secondary account as your ‘recruit’.
  • On your secondary account, play through the tutorial and then level up your heroes to a combined level of 20. This means having a level 10 mage, level 5 warrior, level 1 priest, and level 4 rogue will meet the requirements.
  • Log back into your main account once your combined level is 20 on your secondary account and you will have unlocked Morgl!

For leveling to 20 quickly, I recommend you play through all of the AI opponents on normal difficulty. Going through each opponent will unlock each class at level 1 and that level 1 class does count toward your 20 level total. You may need a few additional games at the end so you can continue beating the AI or play against players for an experience boost.

If you’re just interested in what Morgl is like and what his emotes are, here’s a video with gameplay:

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