Gameplay from the Prologue and The Parlor Boss Fights from One Night in Karazhan Hearthstone Expansion

one night in karazhan

Today, Blizzard released One Night in Karazhan, a Hearthstone Expansion. The Prologue is available for free and The Parlor is available for purchase. The Prologue has one boss fight and unlocks two cards. The Parlor is available for 700 gold individually or you can purchase the entire expansion for $19.99.

Below are videos with gameplay and commentary of all of the fights in The Prologue and The Parlor:

The Prologue (Free): Prince Malchezaar

The Prologue fight faces you against Prince Malchezaar as Medivh. You receive a pre made deck with super overpowered cards. Completing this fight unlocks the Deadly Fork and Silverware Golem cards.

The Parlor Boss 1: Silverware Golem

The Silverware Golem summons plates and other utensils. His cards grow in power based on how many plates are currently on the board. Completing this fight unlocks the Deadly Fork and Silverware Golem cards.

The Parlor Boss 2: Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror has a passive ability that summons a 1/1 copy of any minion played. In normal mode, both you and the mirror receive a copy of the minions played. Note: There’s a funny glitch that happens to me at the 4 minute point in the video above and I can’t figure out if it is a glitch or part of the gameplay ūüôā¬†Completing this fight unlocks the¬†Arcane Anomaly and Pantry Spider cards.

The Parlor Boss 3: Black King (The Chess Fight)

This is the Hearthstone version of the Chess fight from the World of Warcraft Karazhan raid. The gameplay in this fight is definitely unlike any other Hearthstone boss fight. Completing this fight unlocks the Ivory Knight, Protect the King!, Cloaked Huntress, Arcanosmith, and Moroes cards.

One Night in Karazhan Priest Class Challenge

This is the Priest Class Challenge from the Karazhan expansion. The deck seems to revolve around silencing minions. Completing this fight unlocks the Priest of the Feast card.

One Night in Karazhan Shaman Class Challenge

The Shaman challenge is against the Magic Mirror. You are given a deck strong against the Mirror’s abilities that revolves around low cost AoE and minions that benefit from summoning copies.¬†Completing this fight unlocks the¬†Maelstrom Portal card.

That’s it for now! You can check out the full playlist of videos here:¬† I’ll be continuing to update it each week as new content is added. I’m a big fan of the single player adventure content that Hearthstone puts out and so far am enjoying the One Night in Karazhan expansion.

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