February 2016 VGS Youtube Channel Stats


February Views: 72,933 (up 6.6% from previous month)
February Minutes Watched: 156,338 (up 2.4% from previous month)
February New Subscribers: 73 (up 44.5% from previous month)

[increase from previous month is based on per day amounts to account for months having different numbers of days]

February continued to go well for the channel. Once again, at the end of the month, there was a big release in Far Cry Primal. I made a ton of videos for the game including walkthroughs for almost every mission. Subscribers were once again way up compared to the previous month even with a purge in inactive subscribers in February.

I wouldn’t be surprised if March numbers were lower than February. There aren’t too many games coming out in March I am that excited about so there probably won’t be as many new videos on the channel. However, I’m really happy with how channel growth has gone since I started to focus on it more in 2016.

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