Days Under Custody Steam Keys are being revoked


I was interrupted on Steam today with the above pop-up noting that a game in my library was removed. I didn’t recognize the game name or how I acquired it so I searched and found this thread on the Steam forums:

Apparently, keys of the game ‘Days Under Custody’ from an Indiegala bundle sold in December are being revoked. I checked my mail and found that I had bought this bundle. The pop-up I received was pretty intimidating and since I didn’t remember purchasing the game, I immediately thought there might be some issue with my Steam account. At least my account is safe but this definitely raises some questions on how easy it can be to remove games right out of your Steam account.

I’ll post any updates here as necessary. I wanted to throw up this post quickly for anyone else who may have had this pop-up and not known what was going on.

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