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What ‘Done! Unlocking…’ means for X-Box One Achievements

done unlocking

If you have an achievement on your X-Box One that looks like the image shown above, then you’ve been hit by the ‘Done! Unlocking…’ bug. This occurs when you meet the requirements to unlock an achievement but it does not unlock on X-Box Live’s servers. It’s not clear exactly what causes this to happen but there are times when this bug becomes much more widespread and affects many people.

How To Fix It

Over time, every achievement that is in the ‘Done! Unlocking…’ state will unlock. It could take a few hours or it could even take months. I’ve personally had achievements randomly unlock that were stuck in this ‘Done! Unlocking…’ state for over 2 months. When it does unlock, it could be at a completely random time in a completely different game, it just takes time.

If you can’t wait for an achievement to unlock that is stuck, it is sometimes possible to force the achievement to pop by fulfilling the unlock criteria again. This does not always fix the problem though and many achievements will just be stuck this way until they unlock on their own. On average, I’d say about half of the achievements that were stuck in this way for me were able to be unlocked by fulfilling the requirements a second time. It’s probably not worth it to go out of your way to repeat the process if it will take you significant time since it is not guaranteed it will unlock after meeting the requirements for unlocking the achievement again.

In Summary: Your achievement will unlock but it may take some time. It will unlock on its own and does not require you to even launch the game again for it to unlock. It’s an annoying situation to be in but at least it will fix itself over time.

How to Repair Your Ship and leave the first planet in No Man’s Sky

The first quest you need to do in No Man’s Sky is to fix your ship. This can be a bit complicated for new players since the game’s inventory system and menus take some getting used to. Here’s the in-game tracking for the quest:

Leave Planet
Repair Launch Thrusters
Repair Pulse Engine
Refuel Launch Thrusters

Here’s the steps you’ll need to follow to complete it:

1) Obtain Iron and Carbon from the environment


Use your Mining Tool (Press RT if using a PS4 controller) to mine Iron and Carbon from around you. Iron can generally be found from rocks and carbon from plant type life around you. Every planet you spawn on is different but for the tutorial, there should be enough resources close to you to complete this.

2) Fix your Launch Thruster by crafting 4 Carite Sheets.

Launch Thruster Repair No Mans Sky

You’ll need to craft Carite Sheets to fix your Launch Thruster. In your inventory, select your Starship and select an empty spot in your inventory. Bring up the crafting interface (with Square button on a PS4 controller). Craft 4 Carite Sheets. Then, you can fix the Launch Thruster with these sheets you crafted. Each Carite Sheet requires 50 Iron to craft.

3) Fix Your Scanner and Analysis Visor Multi-Tool

Fix Scanner No Mans Sky

Open your inventory and tab over to the Multi-Tool portion. Fix your Scanner with 25 carbon and Analysis Visor with 25 Carbon. The scanner allows you to scan the environment for discoveries with the LT trigger. The Analysis Visor allows you to send out a pulse locating points of interest around you with the L3 button by default (clicking the left stick on a PS4 controller).

4) Gather Zinc, Heridium, Plutonium, and Thamium9

Send out a pulse with your Analysis Visor (L3 button by default with a controller) and you should see some items you need displayed around as icons. You’ll need to gather 200 Heridium and 20 Zinc to fix your Pulse Engine. You’ll need Plutonium to charge your Launch Thruster and Thamium9 to power your Pulse Engine.

5) Repair your Pulse Engine

With the 200 Heridium and 20 Zinc you collected, fix your Pulse Engine like you did with your Launch Thruster.

6) Charge your Pulse Engine with Thamium9 and your Launch Thruster with Plutonium.

In your starship inventory, you can recharge your ship’s Pulse Engine and Launch Thruster. You’ll need to do this often throughout the game to travel around in your ship.

7) Blast Off!

Get in your ship and blast off! Hold RT and head towards the sky! You’ll visit many, many planets so it usually is best to explore planets and not hold much attachment to any one planet. Your starter planet helped you repair your ship, now you can explore everywhere else!

How to unlock Morgl the Oracle Shaman Hero in Hearthstone


A new Shaman Hero skin, Morgl the Oracle, was added to Hearthstone in the July 12, 2016 Hearthstone patch. To unlock Morgl, you need to recruit a friend with your recruitment link and that friend needs to play enough to have a combined level of 20 across all of their heroes on their account. Here’s how to quickly unlock Morgl the murloc Shaman Hero:

If you have friends who are interested in playing Hearthstone, recruiting them under your recruitment link will require little effort on your part. However, not everyone has friends who are interested in playing the game. You can instead create a secondary account and use your recruitment link to recruit yourself. Here’s the steps:

  • Create a secondary account.
  • Follow your recruitment link from your main account and link your secondary account as your ‘recruit’.
  • On your secondary account, play through the tutorial and then level up your heroes to a combined level of 20. This means having a level 10 mage, level 5 warrior, level 1 priest, and level 4 rogue will meet the requirements.
  • Log back into your main account once your combined level is 20 on your secondary account and you will have unlocked Morgl!

For leveling to 20 quickly, I recommend you play through all of the AI opponents on normal difficulty. Going through each opponent will unlock each class at level 1 and that level 1 class does count toward your 20 level total. You may need a few additional games at the end so you can continue beating the AI or play against players for an experience boost.

If you’re just interested in what Morgl is like and what his emotes are, here’s a video with gameplay:

Captain Marvel DLC Characters, Walkthrough, and Gameplay in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Far Cry Primal Screenshot 2016-03-29 06-24-10

The Captain Marvel DLC for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers came out on March 29, 2016. The included characters are:

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel (Masked)
Kang the Conqueror
Wonder Man

Also included are two flying vehicles: Captin Marvel’s Skycycle and Helen Cobb’s Plane

Here’s a video showing off all of the characters and videos included in this DLC:

A new level, Classic Captain Marvel is also included in the pack. Here’s a video walkthrough of the level in story mode:

And here’s a walkthrough of the level in Free Play Mode including all Minikits and collectibles:

The DLC pack retails for $2.99 and is included in the $9.99 season pass. It also adds 5 achievements or trophies to the game.