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Here’s the X-Box Games with Gold for September 2016


The free games for X-Box Live’s Games with Gold program were announced for September 2016. They are:

X-Box One:

Earthlock Festival of Magic (New Release)
Assassin Creed Chronicles: China (Metacritic Rating: 67)

X-Box 360

Forza Horizon (Metacritic Rating: 85)
Mirror’s Edge (Metacritic Rating: 79)

Here’s my opinions on all of the games:

Earthlock Festival of Magic:
It’s always great to get a new release in Games with Gold or Playstation Plus. No one can complain about already having purchased the game previously. It also looks like a game I might enjoy.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China
This is a 2d stealth puzzle platformer. I personally am burnt out on the puzzle platformer genre and the one AC Chronicles game I did play I did not really enjoy due to this. If you enjoy the genre or stealth games though, you may enjoy it. Don’t expect it to be anything like the main Assassin’s Creed series.

Forza Horizon
I love this series. I am only a casual racing fan but I have enjoyed both of the Forza Horizon games. Definitely give this a try. It is a fantastic game.

Mirror’s Edge
This game has been on sale quite often for around $3 and given away for free several times in the past on different platforms so it isn’t the best in terms of value. I personally did not play the original but enjoyed my time with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Overall, this is a strong month in my opinion.

Tumblestone First 13 Minutes of Gameplay on X-Box One


Tumblestone is out now and free until August 15, 2016 on X-Box One Games with Gold program. Here’s a video uploaded to the Video Game Source Youtube channel showing the first 13 minutes of gameplay:

As you can see from the video, Tumblestone is a match 3 puzzle game. The game actually ramps up in difficulty pretty quickly. Maybe I just need to play the game more to understand the best strategy in clearing puzzles. It’s definitely worth a download to try out since the game is free until August 15, 2016 and about 1 gig in size.

April 2016 X-Box Live Games with Gold


Here’s the April 2016 X-Box Live Games with Gold:

On X-Box One:

The Wolf Among Us (83 Metacritic rating on other platforms)
Sunset Overdrive (81 Metacritic rating)

On X-Box 360 (and X-Box One with backwards compatibility):

Dead Space (89 Metacritic rating)
Saints Row IV (81 Metacritic rating)

My Personal Take:

This is a great month with some very high quality releases. The Wolf Among Us is definitely worth playing through for the story if you have not played it before. It is also a very easy completion taking about 8-10 hours for the 1,000 Gamerscore. While I’ve played a small amount of all of the other games offered, I haven’t completed them. Sunset Overdrive is probably the game I’m most eager to try since I’ve never got around to playing more than the first few minutes of the game. If you were to buy these games on sale, you would probably be paying a minimum of $35 for the four so this is a great month in terms of value.