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Tumblestone First 13 Minutes of Gameplay on X-Box One


Tumblestone is out now and free until August 15, 2016 on X-Box One Games with Gold program. Here’s a video uploaded to the Video Game Source Youtube channel showing the first 13 minutes of gameplay:

As you can see from the video, Tumblestone is a match 3 puzzle game. The game actually ramps up in difficulty pretty quickly. Maybe I just need to play the game more to understand the best strategy in clearing puzzles. It’s definitely worth a download to try out since the game is free until August 15, 2016 and about 1 gig in size.

Nintendo Launching NES Classic Edition on November 11, 2016

nes classic

Nintendo is creating a new device that plugs into your HDMI display and allows you to play 30 classic NES games. Here’s the full list of games that are included:

Balloon Fight™
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest™
Donkey Kong™
Donkey Kong Jr. ™
Dr. Mario™
Ice Climber™
Kid Icarus™
Kirby’s Adventure™
Mario Bros. ™
Punch-Out!! ™ Featuring Mr. Dream
Super Mario Bros.™
Super Mario Bros. ™ 2
Super Mario Bros. ™ 3
The Legend of Zelda™
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link™

These games are stored onboard the device. You will not be able to play classic NES cartridges with it. The NES Classic Edition will retail for $59.99.

This seems like a great move by Nintendo to start to take advantage of their aging NES generation who may now want to introduce their kids to the retro games they used to play. This is a reasonably priced and legal way to play older NES games. I expect this to be a big seller during the 2016 holiday shopping season.


How to unlock Morgl the Oracle Shaman Hero in Hearthstone


A new Shaman Hero skin, Morgl the Oracle, was added to Hearthstone in the July 12, 2016 Hearthstone patch. To unlock Morgl, you need to recruit a friend with your recruitment link and that friend needs to play enough to have a combined level of 20 across all of their heroes on their account. Here’s how to quickly unlock Morgl the murloc Shaman Hero:

If you have friends who are interested in playing Hearthstone, recruiting them under your recruitment link will require little effort on your part. However, not everyone has friends who are interested in playing the game. You can instead create a secondary account and use your recruitment link to recruit yourself. Here’s the steps:

  • Create a secondary account.
  • Follow your recruitment link from your main account and link your secondary account as your ‘recruit’.
  • On your secondary account, play through the tutorial and then level up your heroes to a combined level of 20. This means having a level 10 mage, level 5 warrior, level 1 priest, and level 4 rogue will meet the requirements.
  • Log back into your main account once your combined level is 20 on your secondary account and you will have unlocked Morgl!

For leveling to 20 quickly, I recommend you play through all of the AI opponents on normal difficulty. Going through each opponent will unlock each class at level 1 and that level 1 class does count toward your 20 level total. You may need a few additional games at the end so you can continue beating the AI or play against players for an experience boost.

If you’re just interested in what Morgl is like and what his emotes are, here’s a video with gameplay:

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Demo Now Available on PS4

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens Demo

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens has a demo up for the Playstation 4. The game releases on June 28, 2016 but you can play the demo now. Here’s the link to the Playstation store where you can download the demo for free:

Playstation 4 version:!/en-us/games/lego-star-wars-the-force-awakens-demo/cid=UP1018-CUSA03391_00-LEGOTHEFORCEDEMO

Or, if you would prefer, you can watch gameplay of the demo. I recorded a video with commentary of my first playthrough of the demo. Here’s the video:

Video Link:

The demo contains one story mode level from the game and will give you a good idea of how the mechanics of the game work. It’s a lot like the other LEGO games but has a few new mechanics like ‘Multi Build’ which allows you to build multiple structures to solve puzzles with a single pile of bricks.

June 2016 Site Update

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make this post here to inform you of the status of the site and the Youtube channel going forward. I’ve been posting a lot more to the Youtube channel ( and I’ve been really happy with the growth it has seen in the past few months. My plan is to start posting more on this site going forward. It’s very likely I will post more detailed summaries of the videos on the channel here along with news and strategy I find relevant. This site can never cover all aspects of gaming with just myself covering it but I’ll be posting articles here on niche topics going forward that I believe I have a unique perspective on.

I’ve never been a great writer and I have my own style. So, don’t expect any professional level of writing or ‘journalism’ here. I will post up some ‘news’ articles here but they will always have some of my own spin on them based on my experiences with gaming. Definitely don’t take this site as any kind of serious gaming news platform (I know the name does imply otherwise so I feel like I need to mention that here).

Especially for the next couple weeks, I plan for the site to jump around from topic to topic. Right now, the site is run on a blog platform which I’ve always felt is really tough for managing content. I’m working on putting together better categorization of articles I write here in the future so we’ll hopefully be able to have a database of articles that can be sorted by their category. However, for now, we’ll just have to deal with a kinda messy organization of articles that jump from topic to topic seemingly at random.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this here since there hasn’t been an update in a while. More posts will be coming soon and as always I’ll continue uploading videos to the Youtube channel. Thanks for following my online gaming endeavors!

The Masters of Evil DLC Characters, Walkthrough, and Gameplay in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers


LEGO Marvel's Avengers The Masters of Evil DLC

The Masters of Evil DLC for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers came out on March 29, 2016. The included characters in this DLC are:

Baron Zemo
Black Knight (Dane Whitman)
Black Knight (Nathan Garrett)
Iron Man (Classic)
Radioactive Man
Thor (Classic)

Also, the following flying vehicles are included: Valinor and Baron Zemo Helicraft

Here’s a video showing all the characters and vehicles included in the DLC:

The DLC also includes the level The Masters of Evil. Here’s a walkthrough of it in story mode:

The DLC retails for $2.99 and is included in the season pass for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers which retails for $9.99. The DLC adds 5 achievements or trophies to the game. Here’s two extra videos showing how to get two of them:

Captain Marvel DLC Characters, Walkthrough, and Gameplay in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Far Cry Primal Screenshot 2016-03-29 06-24-10

The Captain Marvel DLC for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers came out on March 29, 2016. The included characters are:

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel (Masked)
Kang the Conqueror
Wonder Man

Also included are two flying vehicles: Captin Marvel’s Skycycle and Helen Cobb’s Plane

Here’s a video showing off all of the characters and videos included in this DLC:

A new level, Classic Captain Marvel is also included in the pack. Here’s a video walkthrough of the level in story mode:

And here’s a walkthrough of the level in Free Play Mode including all Minikits and collectibles:

The DLC pack retails for $2.99 and is included in the $9.99 season pass. It also adds 5 achievements or trophies to the game.

April 2016 X-Box Live Games with Gold


Here’s the April 2016 X-Box Live Games with Gold:

On X-Box One:

The Wolf Among Us (83 Metacritic rating on other platforms)
Sunset Overdrive (81 Metacritic rating)

On X-Box 360 (and X-Box One with backwards compatibility):

Dead Space (89 Metacritic rating)
Saints Row IV (81 Metacritic rating)

My Personal Take:

This is a great month with some very high quality releases. The Wolf Among Us is definitely worth playing through for the story if you have not played it before. It is also a very easy completion taking about 8-10 hours for the 1,000 Gamerscore. While I’ve played a small amount of all of the other games offered, I haven’t completed them. Sunset Overdrive is probably the game I’m most eager to try since I’ve never got around to playing more than the first few minutes of the game. If you were to buy these games on sale, you would probably be paying a minimum of $35 for the four so this is a great month in terms of value.

Days Under Custody Steam Keys are being revoked


I was interrupted on Steam today with the above pop-up noting that a game in my library was removed. I didn’t recognize the game name or how I acquired it so I searched and found this thread on the Steam forums:

Apparently, keys of the game ‘Days Under Custody’ from an Indiegala bundle sold in December are being revoked. I checked my mail and found that I had bought this bundle. The pop-up I received was pretty intimidating and since I didn’t remember purchasing the game, I immediately thought there might be some issue with my Steam account. At least my account is safe but this definitely raises some questions on how easy it can be to remove games right out of your Steam account.

I’ll post any updates here as necessary. I wanted to throw up this post quickly for anyone else who may have had this pop-up and not known what was going on.

February 2016 VGS Youtube Channel Stats


February Views: 72,933 (up 6.6% from previous month)
February Minutes Watched: 156,338 (up 2.4% from previous month)
February New Subscribers: 73 (up 44.5% from previous month)

[increase from previous month is based on per day amounts to account for months having different numbers of days]

February continued to go well for the channel. Once again, at the end of the month, there was a big release in Far Cry Primal. I made a ton of videos for the game including walkthroughs for almost every mission. Subscribers were once again way up compared to the previous month even with a purge in inactive subscribers in February.

I wouldn’t be surprised if March numbers were lower than February. There aren’t too many games coming out in March I am that excited about so there probably won’t be as many new videos on the channel. However, I’m really happy with how channel growth has gone since I started to focus on it more in 2016.