A Fresh Start

Over the past few months, I’ve been posting game help and walkthroughs to Youtube under the Video Game Source name. I’ve been enjoying doing this and the channel is starting to see some success. The success of these videos and my enjoyment from making them has inspired me to start posting them here along with some extra commentary.

This blog will probably not follow any particular theme. My philosophy on posting videos to Youtube has been if I have trouble finding out how to do something and can’t find a good enough video already out there, I make my own video. While lately I have been limiting this to newer release games, this still means there is a wide variety of videos that don’t really flow together. One day I could upload a Destiny video, followed by how to obtain a trophy in a LEGO game, then a video on doing something in Diablo 3. Most of the people who find my walkthroughs find them by searching Google for a problem they are having. This is unlike many Youtubers who create content that has mass appeal and thus each video is relevant to their subscribers. I probably won’t be doing any Let’s Plays because there are just too many people already doing that but I may try to upload a videos with wider appeal to those who do subscribe to my channel.

So, I’ll be using this blog to post some extra content for the walkthroughs I post on Youtube as well as any gaming news that I find interesting. Since this is somewhat of a personal blog too, I’ll be posting my personal gaming updates as well from time to time. Okay, the first post is out of the way now.